This is a presentation of JONAH menu LOMU RUGBY CHALLENGE 3.
In early versions of the demo of the game, it was possible to display the full menu after exploiting a glitch.
I made this video in late August 2015 and I did not want the broadcast but as we have no information about the game I decided to come out.
Happy viewing.

Gamer WRU second video with the installation of a patch created for Rugby Challenge 2

Gamer WRU second video with the installation of a patch created for Rugby Challenge 2. You'll find other kits in the TOP14 and PRO D2.
For it is not against the kits of the 2015-2016 season.

Rugby Challenge presentation of the interface 3

WRU gamer has just put online a first video on Rugby Challenge 3.
This is the presentation of the interface of the game.
Information retrieved from the post of satan1981 JVC forum, thank you Pat ;)

20. Août, 2015

Looking Kitmaker

We are uploading all the patches we had done for the series of rugby challenge (RC1 & RC2). You will find them soon in the download section.

In parallel we are working to release a patch for RC2 from the 2015-2016 season.
To date we have focused our work on the db where we already updated all transfers of Top14 and the larger nations for the World Cup.
The problem is that right now there are only two people working on it and most of the work is to come with the creation of the shirts.
That is why we are looking for people willing to help us create.
If you are interested contact me:

News 19/08/2015

  • There will be no licenses for championships and French clubs. However these championships and clubs exist under a false name. It is enough to replace the teams and players created via the Fan Hub. This will be much faster. For example if you create Toulouse today via the Fan Hub, when the game comes out you can replace Toulouse false by your team. In addition it will be present for careers modes, a pro, online, etc ... In short all teams without licenses will be present but under a false name. The concept of the Fan Hub is a great way to get around the missing licenses.
  • The only problem with this concept is that it will depend on fans to create real players and real teams missing. For multiplayer mode it will be the same as RC2. In ranked matches statistics will be fixed while the friendly matches will be played with the created statistics.
  • No information on the ascent and descent between two teams championships. But for players on PC and consoles (PS3, Xbox) cracked it will be possible to edit with a hex software and manually switch teams. This is not easy of course, but it works and it was performed on RC2. It actually sufficient to edit the last save of (the) championship (s).
  • No release date, that said the game is over. It is being tested, then there will be acceptance, production...
  • Friends of rugby and creative at heart, it is time to join forces as most mods are compatible on RC3.